Meet The Boys

At Shadowlawn Shepherds we strive to breed gentle, giant German Shepherds. We love that old fashioned, old style dog that becomes part of the family. Our lines are traditional with long coats and short coats. Colors vary from traditional to black and silver as well as white. We take pride in socializing are pups so that they come to you ready to join your family. Choosing a Shadowlawn Shepherd is choosing an old fashioned gentle giant German Shepherd.

SOUL, dob 03/31
Soul, comes from our friend Julie. He is a massive yet gentle traditional black and tan plush coat. He loves to give kisses and steal your shoes. His size might scare you at first but then you’ll come to realize he’s a big mush. He is 29″ at the shoulders and weighs 125 lbs at almost two years.

VALOR. dob 06/27 (Retired) (he shares his birthday with his sister/littermate GLORY)
He comes from our friend Christy and is the caretaker and giver – – over 150 lbs black and silver short coat male. A big handsome boy that loves to “shake”, play with the puppies and be by your side.
He is kind, gentle, smart and loving. He along with the girls teach the puppies to play, share, respect and love – how to be that perfect pup! Valor is a bit guarded at first, but sizes up the situation and is okay, if we’re okay. The human kids as well as the 4 legged ones love him and so do the ladies, he wines and dines them and is always happy and good natured with a toy in his mouth – a big sweetheart!

COOL, dob 06/19 (Retired) (he shares this with his sister/littermate SUMMER)
Is a RALLY and TEDDY boy – Teddy is a MOONSHINE and SOUL boy. He is hot! if you like them BIG, BOXY and BOLD, it’s Cool! He is a very long coated bright white male, 31″ and 110 lbs. He is gentle, confident and loving and has no idea of his size – he still thinks he can get as easily into your lap as he he does to your heart. He too loves care rides, dinners out and walking the green markets. He thinks the best is dunking his head in the swimming pool, playing with the pack and most importantly being by your side – a good listener. Cool is cool.

HUGO, dob 08/04 (Retired) 
Is a BRULEE and VALOR boy. He’s a tall and handsome blonde and brown/black sable plush male that has been filling out nicely. His fun eyebrows and coloring give him uniqueness. Hugo enjoys walks, swimming at the beach, hanging out and talking and watching TV with his owner Joey. He is a loyal, loving and protective pup, yet plays well with others- they have kept up his socializing.

TEDDY, dob 04/03 (Retired)
Teddy is a big bushy long coat black and tan boy with magnificent leg feathering.
He got his name because he looked like a fuzzy bear cub as a pup and now has grown to the size of a bear! No matter how big the SHADOWLAWN puppies get, they still think they can fit in your lap!
They are raised with love, interaction with children, adults and pack members. Teddy wants nothing more than to love everyone he meets. He is sensitive and knows when you need a kiss or a big teddy bear hug, while he is a lover he is also protective of his family and home.

Son of Gigi and Soul.

Romeo, dob
Son of Summer & Soul.

Bravo, dob


Nobull, dob