Meet The Girls

At Shadowlawn Shepherds we strive to breed gentle, giant German Shepherds. We love that old fashioned, old style dog that becomes part of the family. Our lines traditional with long coats and short coats. Colors vary from traditional to black and silver as well as white. We take pride in socializing are pups so that they come to you ready to join your family. Choosing a Shadowlawn Shepherd is choosing an old fashioned gentle giant German Shepherd.

MOONSHINE, dob 07/11 (Retired)
Is the best! – over 100 lbs, 28″ at the shoulder, black, cream, tan and silver long coated happy girl that delivers really long coated BIG puppies! She loves car rides, toys and her babies and she’s a pretty good volley ball player as well! Moon as well as Valor are the home babysitters to all of the girls puppies. Moonshine is the perfect combination of love and loyalty with the heart of a lion and the soul of a lamb. Moonshine is the perfect combination of love and loyalty with the heart of a lion and the soul of a lamb.

GINGER, dob 10/09 (Retired)
Is a prancing southern belle! 27″ at the shoulder and about 85 lbs Ginger is a silky long coated shepherd who loves her puppies and any of the other girls puppies as well. She is kind, loving, nurturing and a locksmith – she can open them all and disassemble a crate as well! Ginger is a bit more reserved and protective, but warms your heart as all of her puppies do!

SUMMER, dob 06/19 (Retired) (she shares this with her brother/littermate COOL)
Is a RALLY and TEDDY girl and Teddy is a MOONSHINE and SOUL boy. 27″ at the shoulders over 100 lbs black, red, tan and cream thick plush almost long coated big butt female. Summer is my German shepherd poster puppy. She is a wonderful mother who engages her puppies to play ball or splash in the kiddie pool or go thru the tunnels-she teaches them not to be afraid of the dark, to bark if you see something and than stop. She’s that girl your father always talked about, happy and healthy.

RALLY, dob 12/16 (Retired)
Is all about fun! 25″ at the shoulders and over 100 lbs Rally is a short coat white female tank, with a shimmering of apricot down her back. Rally has a strong personality, everyone loves Rally, what’s not to love, she smart, quick, thick muscular body, swims, dances, sings, loves the car, children and adults, she gets along with most dogs, but can get a little jealous-she used to knock Soul off the float in the swimming pool. Rally wins everyone over.

BRULEE, dob 09/10 (Retired)
Is our tomboy, not sure how tall over a 100 lbs with a HUGE imposing presence, she’s just misunderstood! Brulee is a black and red sable burly long coated female with a big blocky head and a heart to match. She loves to play and lizard hunt, car rides and the human touch.

GLORY, dob 06/27 (Retired) (she shares this with her brother/littermate VALOR)
Is involved in everything! At 26″ and 110 plus lbs she is a short shiny coat bi-colored, actually tri-colored because of the gray coloring by her eyes black and platinum silver. Her eyebrows give her face character and add to her expressive personality. “Glory” is just that, she has a heart of gold and is a loyal companion. Glory loves attention and will stay by your side eagerly waiting for you to give her a command. She maneuvers around the yard with speed and agility while keeping puppies (hers and others) out of trouble. Glory is a nurturing soul and loves to care for her pack mates, human or otherwise and will overcome any obstacle to be with you, easily pushing you over by loving you!

LULU, dob 02/17 (Retired)
Is just that, a lulu! 110 lbs black and red thick short coat. She is very alert and athletic. She has a low food drive higher play drive, she loves to parade around with a toy or shoe in her mouth, some kind of possession like a girl with a pocketbook. She’s a good listener and loves to please.

PRAISE, dob 07/04 (Retired)
Is a nice surprise, at 98 lbs she has a models body and a nice blocky head, a thick and rich red and black long coated female. She has a little bit of drive, but calms down nicely, she loves to run, swim, go for rides, give love and always willing to please without needing constant attention. Praise is a loyal and loving girl and we are looking forward to our first litter with her.

SOLO, dob 
She is a girl from Moonshine and Hugo.

LILLY, dob 03/26
She is a girl from Ginger and Cool.  Ginger was one of our best moms and Lilly has taken after her.  She loves her puppies, tv, talking, kisses, car rides, walks and has a heart of gold.  She had been helping a veteran out with his sugars but his life had changed and he could no longer keep her.

Gigi, dob

Star, dob


Boo, dob